About VST India

VS Technology - India, in Bengaluru is a direct company international representative office of VS Technology - JAPAN established on Dec 2014 in INDIA to provide support for Machine Vision users in India.

About VS Technology -JAPAN

VS Technology established since 1997 are professional optical solution providers for Machine Vision with Distortion-less Macro lenses & Affordable Telecentric lenses being VST’s distinguishable products at competitive pricing.

VST offers more than 300 models of lenses designed to global standards. Our specialists are dedicated to provide more than 50 custom optics and new development annually to suit customer needs with global quality assurance.


VAL – Vision lightings is original brand of VST Asia for affordable LED lightings & controllers for machine vision.

With over 200 models of LED lightings & strobe controllers, VAL products cater to lighting requirements in vision field.


YAMANO - Manufacturer of High Quality Zoom Lens best solution n for medium & long range security

With lenses upto 1000 mm focal length & customization as per need Yamano lenses cater to various industry like Safety harbors, Airports, Security surveillance for borders, Ports & ITS

About Us

Demo items for trials with technical support to choose right lens & lighting is provided by VST.

For more details, please call us at +91 96862 29486  or email santosh@vst.co.jp